I also do commissions. Please feel free to download my portfolios:
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If you would like to commission an illustration, write me at or use the contact form. Of course, I am also available at this address for questions of any kind.

Below you will find a selection of illustrations that I have already created for various projects. If you are interested in the related publications, you will find a selection under Links. Further examples of my work can of course be found throughout this homepage, for example on the Welcome page or under Exhibitions.
If you would like to know more about me, you will find a short curriculum under About me.

Do you need more than just illustrations? Kathrina s. East and I also accompany complete projects, from planning and layout to the final print files. Feel free to write me or find more details at Cuculum Creative Factory.

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Selection of previous commissioned works

Painted cover images (digital / digitally colored ink drawing)

Black and white cross-hatching drawings (ink on paper)

Digitally colored cross-hatching

Digital painting

Other styles and techniques